By: Evan Jankens

Some of the best pieces of memorabilia come directly from the game itself.

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One fan in Ottawa received a great item from Henrik Zetterberg in Ottawa Tuesday evening.

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According to a story from

“My buddy Mike and I were down against the glass for the warms ups last night in the Red Wings end… he had his beer sitting up against the glass as we were taking pics. When Hank was done stretching, he got up and banged into the boards a couple times.”

“In doing so, Mike’s pint went smashing to the floor. We knocked on the glass to show him what happened as I got a kick out of it. Zetterberg started laughing! A few minutes later, he went over to the bench, grabbed one of his brand new game sticks and autographed it saying: “Sorry! I owe u one! (with his signature.) He skated over and tossed it over the glass to us! How classy is that guy!!! Amazing!”

To me this is what makes sports so amazing. Zetterberg didn’t have to do that at all. You should know when you put your beer on the lip of the glass that any slight bump could cause it to spill all over the floor.

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This really is special and I’m sure it’s a memory that will last forever for these gentlemen.