(WWJ) Auto supplier Delphi is making some big investments as it works to provide more technology for vehicles.

WWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert said that two tech start-ups will receive investments that will allow data to move faster through vehicles. It will also allow car makers to learn more about the data generated by those vehicles.

Glen De Vos, Delphi chief technology officer, said that in the near future cars will be differentiated by their data, and connectivity.

“You’re getting more of the value of the car … as connectivity becomes more ubiquitous — more content, more value, is now being created around the car, not in the car, not in the car but around the car,” De Vos said.

The Delphi investment is going to chip communication company Valens and data marketplace Otonomo, both based in Israel.  Additionally, Delphi will be involved in a joint venture with German Ethernet connector maker Rosenberger.

Two of the firms are involved in created systems that move data through cars. One of the Israeli companies is focused on interpreting data from vehicles.

Change is coming quickly, De Vos said.

“We recognize that we need, we can get there organically, but we want to get there much faster and a way that we can do that is through partnerships,” De Vos said.

He added that Delphi will be part of more partnerships in the future.

Delphi did not reveal the amount of the investments.


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