DETROIT (CBS Detroit) — One of Detroit’s oldest sporting traditions is under fire by an animal rights group.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) sent a letter to Ilitch Holdings CEO Chris Ilitch this week asking that he bar for life anyone who throws an actual octopus onto the Joe Louis Arena ice this weekend during the arena’s sendoff.

“Octopuses are intelligent, sensitive animals who feel pain, and it’s no more acceptable to kill one for such a disrespectful, frivolous, and stupid purpose than it is to throw dead bear cubs onto the ice during a Bruins game,” PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said.

The tradition dates back to the Detroit Red Wings’ days at Olympia Stadium, where the team played from 1927 until 1979. The eight tentacles represent the eight wins needed to win a Stanley Cup Championship in the early days of the NHL.

PETA suggests that fans use plush octopi as a “cruelty-free” substitute.

The Red Wings will play their final game at Joe Louis Arena against the New Jersey Devils on Sunday before moving to Little Caesars Arena in the fall.

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  1. My Red Wings’ allegiance goes back to Darren McCarty and the rest of the Grind Line, and I agree with PETA. Octopuses are incredibly intelligent and resourceful, but even if they weren’t, they–and all animals–should be treated with respect.

    1. Amy Donovan says:

      Perhaps you should consider becoming an Avalanche fan.

  2. I 100% agree with your statement, Craig Shapiro.

  3. Amy Donovan says:

    Every fan entering the stadium should be checked for octopuses and then cross checked if they have one on them. Throwing dead animals on the ice is despicable. This stupid and cruel “tradition” needs to end and a fine needs to be enforced.

  4. what an absolute disgrace. these people aren’t humans, they are monsters!

  5. Keith Perron says:

    PETA (People For Eating Tasty Animals) is nothing but a bunch of two faced wackos.

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