DETROIT (WWJ) — In just under a month, Detroit’s brand new rail system will be up and running in the Downtown and Midtown neighborhoods.

Many people have been wondering how the light rail system — which runs through regular traffic on Woodward Ave. on a 6.6-mile loop — will interact with and affect traffic after it opens to the public on May 12.

M-1 Rail released two short videos on Saturday with the goal of educating drivers and pedestrians how to deal with the train as it makes its way up and down Woodward.



Officials urge motorists to not tailgate or cut off the trains. Additionally, train-specific lights will signal the cars to go through intersections while regular traffic remains stopped.

Designated parking areas will be highlighted with large white borders on the road.

The 87,000-pound cars take time to stop, so pedestrians and bicyclists are being warned not to step out in front of the trains. Bicyclists should also be aware that bike tires can get caught in the tracks and should cross them at a 90-degree angle.

Construction on the line began in July 2014. Test runs for the street cars have been ongoing since December.

“QLINE’s grand opening will be a historic day in Detroit,” M-1 Rail CEO Matt Cullen said in a media release. “We’re bringing rail transit back to the heart of the city and connecting the Woodward Corridor in a way that’s already begun to transform the entire district.”


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