When evaluating whether to add a podcast to your marketing plan, it is important to first review your brand or service, as well as your target audience. A podcast could definitely enhance your marketing plan and compliment your brand, services or message if your business applies to the following.


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You engage in public speaking

If you are a public speaker of any sort, forming a podcast should be a quintessential part of your marketing plan. Any platform you use that provides an opportunity for your followers to witness your speaking abilities will serve as a strong supplement to your marketing plan. Thus, a podcast is the perfect way to showcase your abilities or message, while simultaneously marketing your brand.

You’re a business or brand that specializes in technology or a complex niche

In today’s world, we are seeing a rapid increase in the amount of technology available. However, this acceleration in innovation is often accompanied by increasingly complex designs and concepts that the average consumer may not understand. A podcast would be a great platform for tech companies to market their product by explaining its purpose and benefits in greater depth, in a language anyone can understand.

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You’re an artist

With the advent of social media, fans have greater accessibility to artists than ever before. This evolution in relationship between public figures and their fans has drastically changed the average consumer’s expectations. Whether you are a graphic designer, writer, author, musician, or any other type of artist, your followers will want to get to know the individual behind their favorite creation. Podcasts can be a very effective way of granting fans this privilege because it gives artists a platform to speak candidly, answer questions about their art, voice opinions and market their brand.

You’re an activist

If you have any type of view or cause you strongly support of any sort, a podcast would be essential in marketing your platform and attracting other like-minded viewers. For example, political pundits like Tomi Lahren have been able to successfully gain a massive following through the use of podcasts, in addition to other social media platforms. Activists on all levels that are looking to build a stronger connection with their audience may strongly benefit from the use of podcasts because it gives them a platform and opportunity to inform, as well as, educate. Tweets, articles, and images can only do so much when trying to get your point across for whatever you stand for.


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This article was written by Marie Flounoy for CBS Small Business Pulse.