DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – State historical markers are vanishing in the city. The discovery made while a group was on tour in the area of the stolen marker.

“I had a group of people who were doing a tour of black historic sites — near the former Hasting Street, which is now I-375 and I-75, and this was the first site we went to and we discovered that the marker was gone,” says Jamon Jordan with Black Scroll Network History and Tours.

Jordan reported the latest stolen marker — while he was working with a group on tour at the William Webb home site on Congress at St. Antoine in downtown Detroit.

“They got one,” he says, “but they didn’t get the other.”

Jordan speculating that it’s possible the thieves were scared off — possibly on the cusp of being discovered before removing another marker in the same location — one noting the first Jewish religious service.

The state suspects this is the work of scrappers.


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