DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – NASA will hold an announcement Thursday afternoon of what the space agency says are “new discoveries of ocean worlds beyond earth.”

Mike Narlock, an astronomer at Cranbroook, is curious as to what NASA will say.

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He says if we find some liquid oceans with some living thing on it in our own solar system, it would be a big deal.

“We could have the first explorers of another world, the first colonization of another world in our solar system, could happen perhaps in our lifetime,” says Narlock.

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“We’ve known for a few years … that there are simple organic compounds there – we know there’s an ocean there.”

He tells WWJ’s Sandra McNeill that they can see guisers of water shooting out of the South Pole. “So we know that there is a salty ocean underneath the ice there … does all of that add up to alien habitat, ummm, yeah — there are certainly the conditions for life we think.”

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Stay tuned … you may be able to make an outta this world journey in your lifetime.