(WWJ) As a new auto safety feature debuts this year, there are concerns that advancements in technology may already be making it obsolete.

WWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert explains vehicle to vehicle communication debuts on cars this year. They use internal nodes to communicate instantly about traffic jams, safety and road conditions.

There are concerns it may never reach its potential.

It will take years to expand to enough cars to make a difference, Gilbert said, and analyst Mike Ramsey says you can add that to the years it has already taken to develop it. With technology advances happening seemingly at the speed of light — it could be obsolete on arrival.

“I’m not making the prediction that it’s dead, it may be a technology that gets passed by other technologies,” Ramsey said.

Sensors and wireless technology could supplant it before it ever takes off.

He added a lot depends on whether the government gets behind the technology and how enthusiastic auto makers are about adopting it.





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