By: Will Burchfield

It’s hardly been a month since Golden Tate got married but already he feels different.

“I feel like I’m a lot wiser now,” Tate said on Tuesday.

Tate, 28, tied the knot with his wife Elise in an extravagant wedding in Cabo last month.

“Getting married,” he said, snapping his fingers, “you just become wiser the moment you say, ‘I do.’”

But that’s not the only difference Tate has seen in himself since entering married life.

“Today I noticed that I was in a lot better shape,” Tate said on Day 2 of the Lions offseason workouts. “Usually I come into this time of the year a little heavy from all the eating, the Chipotle and eating out. But now that I’m married and I got this ring on, I’m getting some serious home-cooked meals. My body fat’s down, I feel like I’m in a lot better shape. It definitely helped me out today.”

Listed on the Lions roster as 5’10, 197 lbs., Tate clarified his weight loss hasn’t been extreme.

“It’s not like it’s a 15-pound difference, it’s three or four pounds, tops. But that’s just three or four pounds less that I have to carry around when I’m running these sprints that ‘H’ is having us do,” Tate said, referring to strength and conditioning coach Harold Nash. “I just feel a little bit better. As you get older you kind of gotta take better and better care of yourself because this is what gets me paid.”

Tate, who signed a five-year, $31 million contract with the Lions in 2014, is entering his fourth season in Detroit. He’s had at least 90 catches and 800 yards in each of his first three seasons.

“The good thing about our job is every year is a new start, new opportunity, new goals. But the biggest thing is just a fresh start. Forget about last year and let’s try to build something even better,” Tate said.

As much as he enjoyed himself in the offseason, Tate is eager to get back to work.

“This is our job,” he said. “For me, I kind of got tired of just hanging out, golfing, and casually working out. Ready for the structure, to be around the guys and build the camaraderie…I think that’s a huge part of a team’s success, the camaraderie and spending time with each other, so you can’t help but to get excited.”

“I came back and the weather’s pretty dang nice,” Tate smiled, “so definitely like that.”


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