DETROIT (WWJ) – While some are dragged off a plane kicking and screaming for refusing to give up their seat or berated and bashed with a stroller, a Garden City woman has filed a civil suit against Delta Airlines after she says she was sexually assaulted on a flight from Myrtle Beach.

And she says the flight attendants did nothing to stop the man next to her from masturbating or assaulting her until they landed.

The passenger on that flight, Christopher Finkley, 41, was convicted last month of assault and indecent exposure.

The convictions stem from two separate incidents on the Delta flight; Finkley exposing himself to the flight attendants and the second is for taking another seat on the plane and assaulting a female passenger seated in coach.

The victim’s attorney, Jordan Acker, says it happened on a flight from Florida to Detroit on July 27, 2016, when Finkley unapologetically exposed himself on the flight while masturbating in his seat and then was allowed to move freely around the cabin. He eventually settled in next to the victim, a waitress and mother of a 15-year-old girl, and reached his hands under her shorts.

“While he was doing this, the defendant told her that he ‘liked white women’ and asked ‘where’s your man?'” the complaint says. The victim says she told the man to stop and said her kids were sitting behind her. He eventually left, the complaint says, and went back to masturbating in his own seat with his penis exposed.

“And this gentleman, if I want to call him that, was fondling himself in first class — he was noticed about 40 minutes into the two-hour flight by a flight attendent — the flight attendent apparently called down to Detroit to make sure that police would be there to arrest this man,” said Acker.


In the Sentencing Memorandum filed with the court Finkley is alleged to have told FBI agents, in part, “that he likes to sit with his hands in his pants and massage his penis, and called this “his happy place.”” He went on to state that “he did not mean for the flight attendants to see his penis but that it is possible that they did.”

Acker says the flight crew did nothing to restrain Finkley after they “observed him masturbating with his penis exposed” and further prevent the attack on the victim.

The victim was crying and distraught when the plane landed, the complaint says, especially since she had switched seats with her 14-year-old daughter and feared she could have been the victim. “She now suffers from anxiety while flying,” the complaint says.

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  1. It’s a strange world we live in.

  2. Ryan J Brown says:

    “I like white women, where’s your man” The dude was black. Only blacks talk like that.

    1. dat be true, had to look him up to be sure. truck driver.

    2. Tim Brennan says:

      So if the guy was white or Asian it would have been ok? what he did was disgusting and wrong who gives a damn about his motivation….I ream really is there a rational that would make sense to you?

      1. Robert Allen says:

        How was it disgusting?

        1. Alan Green says:


    3. Greg Coe says:

      I thought it was Carlos Danger, or Bill Clinton until I read that part.

    4. Greg Coe says:

      I thought it was Anthony Weiner, or Bill Clinton until I read the guy’s name.

  3. Jim Obryan says:

    Awesome, no more waiting in queue to deboard, but they move you right up.

  4. Does anyone actually believe that the airplane staff allowed this to happen? Sounds like pure BS to me.

    1. duh……
      so he was arrested because he’s black right?

      1. Robert Allen says:

        No. It was because his wiener was black. If the woman did not like black wieners she should simply have let the gentleman know that. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy it. Oh I forgot, we are in the new puritan Victorian era where women are infants and need protecting and someone to speak for them.

        1. Alan Green says:


  5. Sounds like this lady wants a large settlement to cover the anxiety she now has when flying. News Flash: Almost everybody has anxiety when they fly these days. Move on.

    1. Sally Mahan says:

      Are you kidding? This woman was assaulted. Do you have a wife, daughters, even a mother? How would you feel if someone did this to one of them? Any woman would have anxiety after something like this, It’s disgusted and not at all funny.

  6. Michael Hunt says:

    Chicken eaters like to choke their “chickin.”

  7. Pete Dosado says:

    Christopher Finkley has to be cut off, from flying that is!

  8. John Smith says:

    i will be flying this summer. The 5-6 AM morning flights are more subdued. Most people on these flights want to sleep. The zoo animals usually fly between 10AM and 9PM.

  9. “She now suffers from anxiety while flying,” the complaint says.

    Oh come on! FFS

  10. Today’s airplane flights are starting to resemble the NYC SUBWAY SYSTEM in the 1960’s. Today’s perverts now fondle themselves while comfortably seated in airplane 1st Class. Back then the pervs had to stand up for their entire trip. While standing they got off by rubbing themselves against other passengers who were all trapped like sardines in rush hour and couldn’t get away. This was just one hazard of commuting for young women in the “Big Apple” who wanted to work in Manhattan and whose only means of getting to work was the subway.

  11. Blame the feminists, if prostitution wasn’t outlawed, and men weren’t forced to marry all you fat gold digging hags just to get laid once in a while, they wouldn’t be having these issues.

    1. You mean you actually had to get married nowadays to get some? Didn’t you know that the true key to getting LESS is to get married?

  12. Paul B. says:

    The morals of this nation are breaking down badly. There are not enough cops available to police a lawless society. We had better change direction fast.

    1. Jay Barbieri says:

      You think the cops are good for anything?
      Cops in general are just a different PROBLEM.
      No way they are a solution for anything.

  13. Now that’s two instances of Airlines allowing senseless “beatings” to happen.

  14. This past month I have seen two youtube videos of black women masturbating in public.

  15. I read the comments here and few are shocked or insulted by the man’s lewd, deviant, and criminal behavior.
    There is little among the stupid uneducated class that is decent , polite or respectful of others.
    This did not begin with Bill Clintons behavior but it was validated by Clintons acts of deviancy.
    CBS never substantially condemned the Clinton’s boorish assault of a young woman and in fact made excuses and condoned Clinton’s lies and cover-up.

    1. The “EDUCATED” White Knight has spoken!

    2. You educated idiots are by far the dumbest S.O.B’s walking this earth. Your unwarranted baseless arrogance is absolutely appalling.

      1. You are as educated as your brain is capable… and it shows.

  16. First class has it’s fringe benefits!

  17. I had a similar although not nearly as bad experience on Delta when a very elderly man seated in the seat across the isle (very narrow isle) was airing out his “pickle” after he had his lunch. It was a non-stop flight from SFO to ATL and I think his napkin slipped off his lap while he took his after-lunch nap. I saw (unfortunately) and was going to say something to the steward but he noticed anyway and quickly woke the man up and corrected the problem. Needless to say, seeing this man’s bumpy pickle is not what I wanted indelibly implanted in my brain. What? It’s true!

  18. Kim A Kirk says:

    And you on the left want to flood our country with more uncivilized failed citizens from third world countries? How ’bout you all just do us all a favor and YOU MOVE THERE!

  19. Why was this man allowed on ANY airplane after his first two convictions for the same offense? Should be listed with all airlines as “persona non grata”!

  20. Tom Hunt says:

    I hate flying……you are crammed into an over sized cigar tube filled with the dredges of humanity who have NO respect for common decency.

  21. Why on planet earth would someone really want to fly and put up with ALL the bs. I gave it up circa 2002ish and life has been great.

  22. jb80538 says:

    There was a time when people looked at flying as a privilege! Now it’s more like taking a bad version of Greyhound!

  23. I hate flying. Having said that, if that were my wife on the plane i would find the man who violated her and make him know what is is to suffer.

  24. Is that wrong? (Seinfeld reference). Was the guy drunk or on drugs? Totally antisocial behavior and a public menace.

  25. why didn’t someone beat him to death?

    1. Clearly everyone could see he was already beating himself.

  26. Jack Son says:

    He got the most bang for his buck on this flight

  27. “Finkley unapologetically exposed himself on the flight while masturbating”

    What does one expect from a fink who exposes himself while masturbating?

    “Pardon me while I drop trow and try some of the beef stroganoff.” ?

  28. Waiting for the airlines to use this as yet another thing to charge extra for. Checking one bag, aisle seat with an extra half inch of legroom, and 10 minutes of masturbation time? That’ll be $75 extra.

  29. Why didn’t anyone beat the tar out of the guy?
    Here’s why: all men are males but not all males are men, and that percentage is shrinking by the year.

  30. Lilith Whyte says:

    If you see a knee grow, seek immediate help. Your health is being threatened.

  31. The flight attendant didn’t want to touch it anymore than the lady did….she needs to get a life.

  32. Sally Mahan says:

    All of you men making jokes about this is beyond disgusting. This woman was assaulted. A man not only exposed himself and masturbated while sitting next to her, he put his hand up her shorts. How would any of you feel if this was your wife, daughter, sister, mother? You should be ashamed and be real men who would defend a woman against this type of behavior.

  33. Why should have Delta done anything? Had they touched the guy he would have sued them for harassment.

  34. Steve Hollar says:

    Oh stop with the anxiety thing. A stupid thing happened and probably will never happen to this lady again. As soon as a “victim” talks like this, all I see is dollar signs in their eyes. How about being a little proactive. Grab something, like the in flight telephone, and smack that sucker as hard as you can while screaming, “PERVERT”! That would get someone’s attention.

  35. Robert Allen says:

    If you don’t like what someone is doing, then ask him or her to stop BEFORE you tattle. This woman was looking for a payday and likely did not speak to the black man at all. If I were him and the woman did not say no I would assume she was appreciating my attention. That is the law in California now at schools, if a woman does not say “No” then your advances can be assumed to be okay.

    1. Bob Johnson says:

      @Robert Allen – Guess you got in trouble before huh.

  36. I believe this idiot has a brain that does nothing. He should be trying to make it work for a change.

  37. I guess it was more than the small table that was locked in it’s upright position….

  38. David Fertig says:

    This woman is obviously a racist bigot. Just who is she to determine that what this poor individual was doing was wrong? He obviously though it was ok, and that makes for a 50/50 split. Plus the flight attendants did not stop him, which adds more credibility to his perspective. Hey, it’s just the new normal.

  39. David Smith says:

    What got me is the opening, ” bashed with a stroller,”. In that incident, she wasn’t “bashed”. defines bashed as “the act of beating, whipping, or thrashing:” Seen the video, she wasn’t bashed. Bumped, knocked, hit, maybe, but lets at least start a story accurately

  40. it should be obvious that this perp has a severe physical or mental disease and needs to be treated by a psychiatrist while he is in the prison ward of the correctional facility. To be fair, he should be medically evaluated for a brain tumor or other medical disease first. It is also obvious that flight crew training is lacking in handling such incidents. They ultimately did the right thing, but why was this perps name not on a list of dangerous passengers?

  41. The snowflake’ing of America continues…..poor emotionally stunted woman now has “anxiety” while flying….all the whiny crybaby snowflakes and their lawsuit lottery lawyers give me anxiety as a functioning adult who has to deal with them…can I sue too??

  42. The fact that the airline knew of the problem and did nothing to stop it en route makes a lawsuit understandable.

    At the same time, why isn’t she suing the perp?

    The fact that so many morons on here find this funny and acceptable is incredible.

  43. Sounds like one of these ‘….I placed hot coffee between my legs while driving and ended up burning myself so give me ten million….’

    And she’s hurting her 14 year old by making such a big deal of this…..most adults would make light of it and ten years from now the 24 year old will be at Thanksgiving, telling the story when she and here mother got flashed by some pervert…..

  44. He likes White womins…so sweet.

  45. Ed Cole says:

    “Please make sure your p3n1$ is in its full, upright position.”

  46. Jim Browne says:

    Why blame the airline? They’re not police officers.

  47. Paul Roberts says:

    The above article is a perfect example of the airlines needing at least one highly trained armed FBI security person on the plane. People deserve protection against perverts, or any other threat. The airlines need to take just a tiny tiny bit less profit and protect the passengers. We are not baggage.

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