DETROIT (WWJ) – While some are dragged off a plane kicking and screaming for refusing to give up their seat or berated and bashed with a stroller, a Garden City woman has filed a civil suit against Delta Airlines after she says she was sexually assaulted on a flight from Myrtle Beach.

And she says the flight attendants did nothing to stop the man next to her from masturbating or assaulting her until they landed.

The passenger on that flight, Christopher Finkley, 41, was convicted last month of assault and indecent exposure.

The convictions stem from two separate incidents on the Delta flight; Finkley exposing himself to the flight attendants and the second is for taking another seat on the plane and assaulting a female passenger seated in coach.

The victim’s attorney, Jordan Acker, says it happened on a flight from Florida to Detroit on July 27, 2016, when Finkley unapologetically exposed himself on the flight while masturbating in his seat and then was allowed to move freely around the cabin. He eventually settled in next to the victim, a waitress and mother of a 15-year-old girl, and reached his hands under her shorts.

“While he was doing this, the defendant told her that he ‘liked white women’ and asked ‘where’s your man?'” the complaint says. The victim says she told the man to stop and said her kids were sitting behind her. He eventually left, the complaint says, and went back to masturbating in his own seat with his penis exposed.

“And this gentleman, if I want to call him that, was fondling himself in first class — he was noticed about 40 minutes into the two-hour flight by a flight attendent — the flight attendent apparently called down to Detroit to make sure that police would be there to arrest this man,” said Acker.


In the Sentencing Memorandum filed with the court Finkley is alleged to have told FBI agents, in part, “that he likes to sit with his hands in his pants and massage his penis, and called this “his happy place.”” He went on to state that “he did not mean for the flight attendants to see his penis but that it is possible that they did.”

Acker says the flight crew did nothing to restrain Finkley after they “observed him masturbating with his penis exposed” and further prevent the attack on the victim.

The victim was crying and distraught when the plane landed, the complaint says, especially since she had switched seats with her 14-year-old daughter and feared she could have been the victim. “She now suffers from anxiety while flying,” the complaint says.

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  1. Randy Ross says:

    That’s what you get for going to Detroit. I thought the whole city was condemned.

    1. David Shovan says:

      I guess there are no more Air Marshal’s on flights anymore what with all the problems with passengers turning up.

      1. Josh Davis says:

        Far as I know, there only 1 Air Marshal for something like every 100 flights.

    2. Ferd Berfel says:

      Why no picture of the convicted sex criminal?

      1. Kevin Kole says:

        Yea and what was the perps immigration status?

  2. Pat Kinnick says:

    Mile High Club…solo?

  3. Sounds like he might have been on his way home from San Fransisco’s pride parade, or Folsom Street fair, or any of the other celebrations of perversions that city is so well know for.

    1. Sorry bro, he’s on your team

  4. Spin Cycle says:

    He said he “likes white women.” Lets guess what his race is…

  5. Sex is normal, but there are abnormal ways of going about it. I was wondering if someone slipped him viagra or something as a joke, but if that happened it doesn’t give you license to be crude. There are bathrooms available to take care of a few types of “emergencies” on those planes.
    Then again, maybe he thought he was such a stud that no one could resist.

    1. You seem to have a remarkable lack of understanding how Viagra works. Ingesting Viagra and then getting on an airplane would normally not cause a man to have an erection. You can take Viagra and spend the entire day absent any sexual arousal. This guy on the plane is a certified pervert and should be banned from flying for good. No one should be exposed to the behavior he exhibited. I do hope he was arrested when they landed, and he spends much time in jail where he can masturbate in private all he wants. The woman who was assaulted should pursue a civil suit against the man and the airline. Since when is an airline excused from protecting its passengers?

  6. Delta needed to take immediate action to stop and restrain this man, then if necessary, FIGHT THIS OUT IN COURT. In my opinion, the woman has a good case against Delta.

    1. William, my daughter is an American flight attendant and at 115 lbs, do you really expect her to be able to subdue a guy like this? This man just happened to act crudely on an airplane. Doesn’t mean Delta should be held responsible for his crudeness. It’s not like they can kick him out the door!

      1. And just why not? Sounds like a great way to solve the problem. That or maybe a cold pitcher of ice water to his “happy place”.

    1. Jim Saemann says:

      The defendant’s real name is Jack Mehoff. He was offered a court-appointed attorney but he decided to take matters into his own hands. After all, he did not want to palm off responsibility for his actions. I heard he may have had a stroke (or two) during his hearing.

    1. Jay Talber says:

      That song was two minutes ten seconds to long.

  7. Come on, relax. the guy is clearly mentally illl…or a Democrat. Either way, a weirdo.

  8. Diversity is perversity

  9. Roy Giacone says:

    They are probably in it together.

  10. Hazel Heaven says:

    ok so she’s looking for a settlement, she could of embarrassed him, or even smack him. how could he have assaulted her did she just sit there and let him have his way. I don’t get this I will be damm if someone do that to me on a plane without me smashing him in his head with my heels.

  11. Ted Jones says:

    We have to respect all cultures.

  12. Stu Pedasso says:

    Bet you a doughnut that Delta will beat it.

  13. Art Swanson says:

    Did Delta serve peanuts and cold beverage with that?

  14. I’m sorry I wasn’t there. They don’t allow knives on planes or I would have cut the darn thing off, but there are other ways ……..

  15. Jeez, what’s the big deal, heh? It’s liberal, it’s good, jerk off. It doesn’t matter, it feels good do it! Feeling a little depressed, a little blue? Go for it, womens liberation will understand about being discriminated. Be free, come out of the closet, it’s spluugee time!!

  16. Well, the only thing we can know for sure is that this guy is a liberal Democrat, and there’s plenty of them around so I would suggest she get used to that kind of behavior, because it occurs everywhere radical leftists are.

  17. Well I guess no Happy Ending for her!!!!

  18. But take a stroller on or refuse to get give up your paid seat for an airline employee and you get your head bashed in by them…. seems reasonable.

  19. Bill Numeyer says:

    Flying is stressful. He needed relief.

  20. Everyone wants a Payout – whether true or false. Take a Bet and see if you can win a payout!

  21. Why isn’t this POS on the no-fly list?

  22. Ferd Berfel says:

    Where da white women at?

  23. DeVoe Jim says:

    This is the type of thing is that progressive politics leads to. The white thing I understand, they will breed anything, anywhere any time. What’s going on in Europe is not an immigration by war refugees to save their lives but men seeing a chance to get hold of one of those loose sex starved white chics they see an hear about.

  24. OK I would like to ask a simple but fairly obvious question. When the guy started masturbating in front of her and then dared to actually lay hands upon her Why didn’t she fight back. Hit him in his balls, attack him in some way shape or form to alert the other passengers that she needed assistance. If her children were nearby in the back seat seeing this she just showed them how to be the perfect victim. To me this has absolutely nothing to do with the persons race, or politics or anything other than a deranged man attacking a woman. I am certainly NOT attempting to lay any blame on the victim of this crime but I have known many a woman in my 47yrs on this planet and folks let me tell you no matter what their age not nar one of them would have ever tolerated mess like this.

    1. It would be a bit hard to fight back in those cramped seats plus he had size and muscle mass over her. The pilot should have landed at the nearest airport. Too bad they couldn’t slip some of those handcuffs in him they have on board.I would think though another man would have intervened if he saw something.

  25. Billy Bob says:

    What is wrong with people.

  26. Just another day in our evolving culture. If this were a tranny/LGBT it may not be in the news. After all who wants to be a biggot.

  27. Where were the Real men at on that plane? I don’t care where I’m at or who’s doing the yanky spanky, if they are in my sight they’re not going to be able to play in their happy place with two broken arms. Men have become sissified these days and are afraid of their own shadows. I can’t imagine in my world, seeing that and not dealing with it promptly myself, especially with children around.

  28. The woman should have asked the flight attendant for some scalding hot coffee… We know what it can do to exposed skin. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

  29. This sort of thing happens on flights. It didn’t used to get in the news. I know because I use to be a flight attendant

  30. Delta failed miserably. They should have stopped this pervert immediately. How disgusting, and what a degeneration from what air travel once was… I agree, the men should have offered to help, if asked by the crew.

  31. Guy Aubrey says:


  32. Let me get this straight: The government takes over security for all the airlines, and hires TSA agents to fondle as many passengers as they would like or who “go off” with a wand, for more screening. This fondling includes touching the genitals from grannies to centerfolds to even children who do not know what sex is yet, to old farted men, and metrosexuals. For the most part since then, no one flies any more without a VERY GOOD/IMPORTANT REASON anymore, praying they will just be skipped, UNLESS THEY ARE A PERVERT. So now, th.e class of people who FLY AT ALL, has greatly decreased, and the percentage population that prefers to be fondled or to fondle others HAS DRASTICALLY INCREASED. The airlines might just as well say Delta Gentleman’s Club, or Sexual Harasser’s Airlines. Fly the fondled skies. Everybody joins the Mile High Club nowadays, you do not even need to leave your seat.

  33. Stu Pedasso says:

    Sounds like the plot for “Snakes On A Plane II.”

  34. This is NOT normal behavior…it sounds to me like this guy may be mentally ill or have some kind of serious health problem (brain tumor, ect) that affected his judgement. I’m sorry this happened to the female passenger. Its horrible, and Delta should have handled the situation differently. But I would hesitate to outright condemn this man until he’s been evaluated to see if there is a medical cause for his inappropriate behavior.

    1. you poor brainwashed thing, this is perfectly normal behavior for many of his kind. Stop making excuses for these feral, predatory, sex-obsessed subhumans. That is a large part of the problem.

  35. Airlines still fly to Detroit? That in itself is a shameful assault!

    1. It saves the police from having to drive the fugitives back from wherever they’re captured.

  36. Did it ever occur to you that evil is running thru our land in the form of Moslem’s (lots of them in Dearborn) and that before long America will be suffering Jihad just like Europe is now? Where are the men in our culture? I should have known that they are being henpecked and cuckholded by American Women LOL. This isn’t going to end well, not at all.

  37. What’s the fuss all about? Haven’t we been taught that we’re supposed to be more tolerant of other peoples cultures, beliefs, sexual and religious practices?

  38. Tony Mah says:

    They should change all the “No Smoking” lights above the seats to:
    “No Masturbating”.
    That should fix it.

  39. BTW, this thing Christopher Finkley is on Facebook.

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