By: Will Burchfield

They came in peace, they really did.

But Jim Harbaugh couldn’t keep his eyes off the four Ohio State fans, decked out in Buckeyes gear, who crashed Michigan’s first practice in Italy on Thursday.

Via Angelique Chengelis of the Detroit News

“After practice, Harbaugh jokingly made the gesture with his two fingers pointing to his eyes and then to the OSU fans.

“’I’ve still got my eyes on those guys,’” he said laughing. ‘Still a little suspicious.'”

The foursome apparently made the two-hour drive from Naples to Rome where the Wolverines were practicing at Largo Giulio Onesti. One member of the group, a military teacher based in Naples and an OSU graduate, joked they were in cahoots with Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer.

“We’ve only sent four or five videos to Urban,” said Alicia Sexton.

In reality, the four Ohio State fans were just looking for a dose of american football. Asked why they would travel to watch their most-loathed team practice, Sexton replied, “Why not? It’s college football we missed.”

Another member of the group even posed for a picture with Harbaugh.

These Ohio State fans are in the minority. Not only do they enjoy watching their rivals run through drills, they actually like their rival’s head coach.

“We really are appreciative to Jim Harbaugh,” said Sexton. “We love that the rivalry is back, and it makes watching the game in November fun. Harbaugh has definitely brought the rivalry back.”


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