DETROIT (WWJ) — A special service is looking to give back to pets that serve.

Dr. Gwen Sila of BluePearl Veterinarian Partners is just one of the many veterinarian ophthalmologists from around the country who will offer free eye screenings to service animals for the entire month of May.

“A lot of dogs, as they get older, they can start to develop cataracts — a lot of times those aren’t significant, just something that we would monitor,” Sila said. “But I’ve definitely had a lot of cases where we’ve caught something that could potentially become severe over time.”

Registration for the free eye exams must be completed by service animal owners or handlers by April 30.

“The sooner we catch something, the sooner we start treating and monitoring, the better the long-term prognosis,”Sila said.

If you have a service animal and would like to get its eyes checked, more information can be found HERE.


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