By George Fox
CBS Detroit Web Producer

You can’t blame these youngsters for not knowing blinker fluid isn’t real and their reaction to being duped by dad is priceless.

It was all caught on video by a tricky Michigan dad and now it’s gone viral.

According to the UK Daily Mail, the mastermind behind the prank is Rodney Herbert. He sent his daughter into an Auto Zone in Chesterfield, Michigan to pick up some phony items including blinker fluid and a bucket of steam.

“We look like idiots,” said the daughter as they leave the auto parts store and get back in the car with dad.

“Did you ask for the bucket of steam too?” asked dad laughing.

“It wasn’t funny. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life!” said the mortified girl smiling.

The employee tried to give the girl a clue, but she insisted on the blinker fluid.

“He said, you know I think someone’s playing an April Fools joke on you and I was like, no I have a coupon,” she added.


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