By: Evan Jankens

Instagram is the hottest social media app out there that the average Joe can use. Say what you want about Snapchat, but I don’t think it has lasting appeal.

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To make Instagram safe for work, they won’t allow full nudity. Per the rules, butt cheeks are fine but a nude breast is a huge no no.

Notorious Michigan Wolverines fan Elle Johnson has a constant battle with Instagram. The model has been banned from Instagram for being “too sexy.”

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Here is where the problem lies though, she doesn’t post any nudity at all. There is an Instagram account dedicated to bare butts called cheekyexploits but that hasn’t been banned.

Below is what Johnson had to say about being banned. She compared the banning to being dragged off a United Airlines flight, according to

Elle Johnson, from Park City, Utah, has spoken out after she was banned from the social media site due to a ‘violation of community guidelines’.

The model, who shares sultry photos with her fans, took to Twitter on Tuesday tweeting: ‘Booted off #Instagram again! They treat models like #United treated Dr. Dao. Not the physical abuse part-the random get off the plane part!’

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Now that you have seen some of the photos from Johnson, do you think she should have been banned from Instagram for being “too sexy?”