DETROIT (WWJ) – A Dearborn Heights man sentenced to prison for the 2013 shooting of Renisha McBride as she stood on his front porch may get a new trial.

Should the prosecutor have had to prove that Theodore Wafer was not acting in self-defense when Wafer testified that he believed 19-year-old McBride was trying to break-in to his house?

Wafer never denied shooting McBride when she showed up drunk on his porch before dawn, but testified that he did so in self-defense after she pounded on his door and allegedly tried to break into his Dearborn Heights home.

McBride, who had an extremely high blood-alcohol level and traces of marijuana in her system, was shot in the face three hours after she walked away from a car crash in Detroit — about a half-mile away from Wafer’s home.

The Supreme Court wants to hear from the attorneys before making a decision to formally take the case.

This case could have an effect on all self-defense cases says WWJ’s legal analyst Charlie Langton and the options that the jury could consider in such cases.

This technicality could mean a new trial for Wafer — he was sentenced to 17 years in prison for McBride’s second-degree murder.

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  2. Wished this went to the US Supreme court. We need to know what we are suppose to do when we feel threatened in our own home in the middle of the night? If we are required to be victims then I need to live somewhere else. I mean its clear he didn’t want to kill. he opened the door saw a stranger was frightened and reacted.

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