DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – We all know that sugar is not so sweet for your health — and while you may think you’re being cautious about the amount you eat — sugar can be hiding under the guise of some rather innocuous names.

So off you go cutting out the sweetness from your diet by eliminating things like desserts and soda pop.

But if you’re not reading and understanding the ingredients on labels — you could still be eating more sugar than you think notes WWJ health reporter Dr. Deanna Lites.

In addition to looking at the sugar grams on a food label you’ll want to read the ingredients says Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan registered dietitian Grace DeRocha.

“There are actually 50 different ways that sugar can be named on a label that people might not realize,” says DeRocha. “One of my favorite examples is ‘evaporated cane juice’ which is just sugar.

Some common foods where sugar can be hiding include; salad dressing, and condiments – like ketchup, BBQ sauce, honey mustard, and sauces – though especially processed sauces – spagetti sauce, marinara sauce, says DeRocha.

Other foods that can have a lot of sugar; yogurt, granola, bread, fruit flavored oatmeal, canned soups and energy drinks.


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