EAST LANSING — Under growing pressure to address the volume of stories stemming from sexual assault allegations connected to the players in the football program and former Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar — the president of the university announcing a new website which will house the response.

An email went out to alumni to announce the addition of the informational website:

Dear MSU community member:

Lou Anna Simon president of Michigan State University.

You likely are continuing to see media stories or comments related to the issue of sexual assault at MSU, either surrounding former MSU doctor Larry Nassar or allegations made against members of the MSU football program.

I invite you to view a brief video introducing a new website from Michigan State that provides information about our continued work to combat sexual assault, improve patient care and safety, and protect youths on campus.

The video is a follow-up to my April 26 letter to the community discussing current investigations into sexual assault and Michigan State’s commitment to fostering a culture of safety and respect.

We will update the site to reflect progress and to share new developments as they occur. — Lou Anna K. Simon.



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