This season of Survivor Game Changers has been crazy!  With Zeke blind-sided from his alliance last week, it’s now anyone’s game!

Who’s calling the shots, and who do you think is on top?  Haili, Ozzy, Debbie, and now Zeke are all waiting to see who is next of the nine remaining castaways that’ll join them on the Jury!  Missed this week’s episode?  I’m here for you!

Reward Challenge – Family Visit

Family Visit episodes are always emotional! I never fail to tear up every season.

This week was the week of tears on Survivor, as it’s always very sweet to see a more vulnerable side of the castaways.  This week, the reward was an American styled BBQ along with a family member to join with.  This reward is probably the best reward given on every season of Survivor.  Whoever wins – wins big!

This week, the castaways were divided into groups of three.  The first group that completed the obstacle course would spend the rest of the day eating on the beaches of Fiji with their loved ones.  That reward was given to the group of Culpepper, Andrea, and Aubry.

After the challenge, Host, Jeff Probst, tells the winners that two others and their loved ones are welcomed to join and that the winning three would have to choose who would come.  After begs and pleads from all of the losing castaways, the two that were chosen were Cirie, along with her son, and Sarah, along to bring her boyfriend.

The Family Visit Reward is always tough and a bummer for those who don’t get to spend time with their loved one.  This reward brought out emotions from everyone, and even specifically some anger from Michaela.

Individual Immunity Challenge

The Immunity Challenges are getting more intense as weeks go by.  As Zeke mentioned in the last episode; Survivor is like climbing Everest — it just gets harder the closer you get to the top!

This week’s Immunity Challenge required a ton of balance.  The last person who was completely balanced on their beam along with not dropping themselves or their buoy would be rewarded Individual Immunity. That person this week was Brad Culpepper.

Tribal Council

This week, Tribal Council was split between voting off either Andrea or Sierra.

Michaela felt somewhat betrayed from her alliance with Andrea because she wasn’t picked by her for the Family Reward.  Because of this, Michaela felt that Andrea was taking advantage of her.  Michaela teamed up with Tai and even convinced him that she was the next to go.

Meanwhile, the majority wanted to see either Culpepper or Sierra be voted out since they’re a strong alliance.  Since Culpepper won Immunity, it was sure that Sierra would be the one to vote for.

Early on in the episode, Sierra discusses with Sarah about her “Legacy Advantage” that she found on the first day.  This Legacy Advantage was hers, but she told Sarah that she felt she could trust her, and if she was voted off, she’d pass the Advantage down to her.

Sarah strategically shares the information about Sierra’s secret Legacy Advantage with Michaela and convinces Michaela to vote out Sierra instead, so she could be given her Advantage when she leaves.  In the end, Sarah faked her alliance with Sierra to gain her trust and ended up voting her off in return.

Michaela, Sarah, and the majority voted off Sierra, and Sierra passed down her Legacy Advantage to Sarah because she “trusted” her.  Great move for Sarah!

Only eight castaways are left! Who do you think will win Survivor Game Changers?  Are your favorites still fighting or are they sitting on the Jury watching this battle?

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