By: Will Burchfield

“When a former USFL star quarterback gets blindsided by life, he returns to the only place where things ever made sense.”

That’s the premise for the film ‘Silverdome.’

The film has been shot but some post-production costs must be covered before it can be released. Check out this kickstarter campaign to help bring ‘Silverdome’ to life. (The goal is to raise $30,000 by May 24; $3,320 has been raised as of this writing.)

‘Silverdome’ tells the story of Jack Franco, a fictional ex-quarterback whose best days were spent playing for the USFL Michigan Panthers. He leaves his suburban life and family behind to go to the only place he ever felt whole.

Franco is portrayed by Glenn Pakulak, a former NFL punter. The first time Pakulak read the script he got chills, he said, “because I felt like someone was telling the story of my life, and of the lives of so many former players. It was such a beautiful, simple story of crisis and reconciliation, set in a place that is meaningful for so many Michigan residents.”

Franco’s wife, Carmen, is played by Carmen Serano, who had a starring role in the show ‘Breaking Bad.’ Carmen finds her broken husband in the Silverdome, and sets about the hard work of understanding his pain and loving him through it.

‘Silverdome’ is a “true-to-life tale of love, struggle, and the beauty of sacrificing for memories that are worth preserving.”


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