By Mickie McLeod

I can’t believe this season of Survivor Game Changers is almost over!  With the Season Finale next Wednesday, 5/24, this week’s episode contained a double Tribal Council.  Next week is the Finale — who will Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, and win the title of Sole Survivor?  I’m sad to say that this season is almost over, but it truly has been legendary!

First Individual Immunity

It’s coming down to the wire and the remaining eight Castaways are giving all the energy they have left in them, strategically and physically.  During last week’s elimination of Sierra, Sarah played her cards very well. During Tribal, Sarah voted off Sierra but played dumb as if she didn’t, so Sierra could pass on her Legacy Advantage to her.  Since then, Andrea had caught onto Sarah’s awesome strategy… and she’s not a fan.

Since Andrea was out to get Sarah, Sarah felt it was fair to try and steer the attention equally onto her too.    However, it wasn’t just Sarah and Andrea who felt unsafe. Everyone was certainly desperate to win the Individual Immunity.  As a result, it was actually Aubry who won Immunity and was guaranteed a spot in the Final 7.

First Tribal Council

With Aubry winning Immunity, she felt that her game was rising.  With a secured Immunity necklace around her neck, Aubry felt very in control.  Initially, Aubry wanted to get Culpepper out this Tribal since he’s been making major moves this entire season.  However, Andrea was more focused on as a threat.

Because of this, Aubry was not in control actually at all.  Aubry was the only one out of the loop, (besides Andrea herself). During this Tribal, it was a clear vote and Andrea was voted out.  She has now joined the rest of the Jury.

Jury: Haili, Ozzy, Debbie, Zeke, Sierra, Andrea.

Second Individual Immunity

Since Aubry was out of the loop during last Tribal Council, she was emotional. The loving and compassionate Castaway, Tai, consoled her to mend her feelings from of it.  However, since he singled out Aubry, Tai was creating a target on his back.  Cirie noticed the alliance of Aubry and Tai and was very cautious of his compassionate game, and how it makes him a threat.

With only seven Castaways left, winning the Immunity Challenge was crucial.  At the end of the Challenge, there was a tough block puzzle.  It was Michaela who was certain and THOUGHT she had solved it.  However, on Survivor, nothing is guaranteed.  Because of one wrong piece, Michaela’s win slipped away and Culpepper earned the Individual Immunity.  Culpepper was passionate, as he cursed continuously due to his excitement.  He was certain he was going to be voted off next, but the Immunity saved him a spot in the Final 6.

Second Tribal Council

There are seven Castaways left: Sarah, Cirie, Michaela, Aubry, Tai, Culpepper, and… oh yeah, Troyzan.

It’s getting closer to the Final 3 and every move you make in this game now just adds to your “Survivor Resume.”  The more moves you make, the more credible you become, which betters your chance at winning if you’re sitting in the Final 3.

One person who has been building a great “Survivor Resume” is Sarah.  Sarah is feeling on top and confident.  She now has her Legacy Advantage from Sierra, as well as an additional advantage that she found earlier in the season, (that originally belonged to Michaela), which says that she can STEAL someone else’s vote during Tribal Council.

At this point of the game, Sarah has two advantages, Tai has one Idol, and oh yeah, Troyzan has an Idol too. (I’m sorry Troyzan fans — he just hasn’t done much of anything this whole season!) Anyway, with all these advantages and Idols, it was hard to spot where the vote was going to lay during the second Tribal Council of the episode.

Sarah, aligning herself with Cirie, discussed what they were willing to do during Tribal.  Disagreeing with Cirie, Sarah refused to write down Tai’s name.  Cirie on the other hand, felt as if it was the best move during this stage of the game.  Because Sarah trusts Tai, she tells Cirie to not vote him out.  Sarah then tells Cirie to hold onto her advantage of stealing one’s vote, so this way, her trust with Cirie is proven.  She tells Cirie that she does not want to write Tai’s name down at all, and makes it very clear.  The only way Sarah felt that she could have Cirie trust her decision of not voting Tai, was to have her hold onto her advantage.

Cirie was unsure what this meant; now having Sarah’s advantage in her hands.  Cirie considers using Sarah’s advantage, even though Sarah did not give her permission.  During this time, Cirie even shared the information about the advantage with Tai.  It was unclear who Cirie was voting with or if she was going to use the advantage.

During Tribal Council, before voting, Cirie announces to host, Jeff Probst that she would like to use the advantage that Sarah had “given” her.  Cirie says she would like to use the advantage and steal Sarah’s vote.  Immediately, Sarah defends herself and demands Cirie to give back her advantage.  This results to a slight embarrassment of Cirie.  On the advantage, it clearly states that it may not be used by anyone, besides the owner, (who is Sarah).

Sarah seemed upset by Cirie’s decision of almost taking away her vote.  After Cirie was denied to use the advantage, Sarah walks up and whispers into Tai’s ear.  Cirie panics and gives Sarah an explanation as to why she wanted to steal her vote.  Cirie tells Sarah it was so she could vote out Tai and use Sarah’s vote to vote out Tai too since Sarah wasn’t going to write his name down.

Whispers and scrambling were happening all over during Tribal. Was Sarah going to align herself back with Cirie and vote out Tai?  Does she even trust her now? Well, Sarah decides to use HER advantage of stealing a vote, and ends up taking Tai’s vote.

After all of the drama had happened at Tribal, it was Sarah’s extra vote that made the difference.  In the end, it was surprisingly Michaela who was voted out.  Sarah had flipped on Cirie, Tai was safe, and Michaela would be joining the Jury.

Now only six Castaways are left! Tai, Culpepper, Sarah, Aubry, Cirie, and Troyzan.

I have a feeling that Troyzan will be sitting at the Final 3, only because he’d be easy to sit next to.  I’m not too sure about whom the other two will be exactly, but I can certainly see either Sarah or Cirie winning it all! That’s just my prediction, but I want to hear yours! Tweet me @mick_cloudy.  Let’s talk Survivor.

Don’t miss the two-hour Season FINALE of Survivor Game Changers, next Wednesday, 5/24 at 8/7c on CBS!


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