DETROIT (WWJ) – Faygo will celebrate its 110th anniversary by bringing back a bright blue blast from the past.

In a Facebook Live video, the company announced “Arctic Sun”  — a cherry-grapefruit flavored pop retired in the 1990s  — is returning to stores in Michigan and beyond.

The slogan: “It’s like totally back.”

“We heard your voices, we heard you want it back, so we’re going to put it back on the shelves,” says Heather from marketing, before she opens the door to the “Faygo vault,” filled with two-liter bottles of the beverage.

Responding to questions on Facebook, the company said Faygo fans will find Arctic Sun first at party stores and smaller grocery shops, as it will take a little bit more time to ship to the bigger chains.

Look for it first in the Detroit area, with distribution set to begin locally this week.

Those looking for diet Arctic Sun will be disappointed, at least at first. The company says they’re not making a zero calorie version just yet, but they may if there’s enough demand.


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