Porta Potty Run, Preakness Preakness Porta Potty Run Ends In Disaster For This Lady [VIDEO] – CBS Detroit

By: Evan Jankens

The Preakness Stakes took place this past weekend and Cloud Computing won the famed race.

There was more to the event than the actual race.

People who attend these big horse racing events like to take part in drinking activities and I would like to think the lady in the video below was drinking in order to event attempt what you are about to see.

Believe it or not it’s actually a tradition at The Preakness to try to run across the porta potties while having beer cans and bottles tossed at you.

It does appear the onlookers took it easy on the lady but as you can see in the second video, beers were hurled at the guy who tried to attempt the same jump.

A video from the 2008 scene shows what it’s really like to attempt the porta potty run.

I wonder how many concussions have happened from this run?


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