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(WWJ) The distinctive sound of a kitten crying led Michigan Humane investigators to a drain pipe behind a Detroit home.

“We knew what we were getting into,” a Michigan Humane Society cruelty investigator said, adding they’ve rescued both puppies and kittens from similarly precarious situations.

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But this case was complicated by the fact the pipe was underneath the back porch, making it a tight squeeze. Staffers rigged together a rope and wet food and lowered it into the pipe, swinging it and hoping to tantalize the kittens to grab on with their claws.


It worked after several failed attempts, and the rope dragged up a tiny body, covered in kitten food and drain pipe debris. As he was rescued, Humane Society workers heard more cries from below.

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There were more. In the end, they used the rope and food trick to rescue three kittens, step by painful step over a long period of time. “It was like fishing and not getting any bites,” the staffer said.

Eventually the last buff-colored-tiger-striped kitten did bite and joined his brothers in a blissfully warm bath and snuggly towel.

The Humane Society named them Logan, Lucas and Gabriel. The happy and healthy green-eyed trio are awaiting adoption. Get their adoption information HERE.

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