DETROIT (WWJ) – The beer industry in Michigan is a $10.5 billion a year business. A new report shows it also employs nearly 5,000 people.

Brett Visner with the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers association says Michigan is primed for growth in the industry.

“Based on the amount of growth that we’ve seen – in just two years – things sure look good and we can hope to see that continue,” says Visner.

The report says Michigan’s beer distributors alone pump $1 billion directly into the state’s economy and it’s expected to grow.

“We’re seeing growth across the board, the number of breweries is increasing – distributors added 500 jobs just in the past two years. So we are seeing growth on all levels and all aspects of the industry,” he says.

Visner says the state’s entire beer industry includes brewers, distributors, retailers and supporting industries like agriculture, transportation and manufacturing.

He says one of the reasons that the beer business is doing so well is because Michigan’s independent, locally owned distributors strive to support small businesses like craft brewers and local retailers, and help them grow and thrive on a level playing field.

The state of Michigan is listed as one of the Top 5 beer producers in the industry.

  1. when will we be able to get yangling beer here

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