DETROIT (WWJ) – Two children have been taken to local hospital after a dog mauling on Detroit’s west side.

Detroit Police Lt. Ron Lockhart say it happened at Puritan and Hubbell streets after the brothers, ages 10 and 12, were dropped off near their elementary school early Friday morning.

Lockhart said the kids, rather than heading to class, were looking for a store in the area when they began to be chased by a dog. Trying to get away from the animal, the brother jumped a fence into a yard where two pit bulls were contained.

Once they got in, Lockhart, they couldn’t get out — until a hero arrived.

Good Samaritan Elgin Harris told reporters he was in his way home from work at Motor City Casino when he heard screaming, instinct kicked in, and he sprang into action.

“The boy was crying out, ‘I don’t wanna die; I don’t wanna die,’ so I had to do something,” Harris said. “One dog had the boy by his thigh and the other one had him by, like under his arm. So I took my shirt off, jumped over the fence and I started beating the one dog off.”

Harris said that’s when a mysterious second Good Samaritan came to his aid.

“Another guy came out of nowhere, all in white…we got on top of the fence and he helped. We were throwing stuff at the dogs,” he said.

Harris grabbed the boy who was hurt the most and got him to safety before police arrived.

Responding officers then got the second child out of the way before shooting both animals. “The kid did have multiple, multiple bites,” Lockhart said. “They were viciously, viciously attacking this kid….Had it not been for the quick actions of the Good Samaritans and the police officers, the kids probably would not have made it.”

One child was listed temporary serious condition at Children’s Hospital, while the other was reported in stable condition with only minor injuries. No police officers were hurt.

What happened to the man in white? “I don’t know where he went…but he was helping me,” Harris said.

At 10 a.m., Detroit Animal Control officers and police remained on the scene investigating.

“We have two deceased huge pit bulls back there; there’s a large amount of blood back there also,” Lockhart said.

The dogs’ owner was not immediately identified. It’s unclear at this time what charges he or she might face.


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