By: Evan Jankens

I love the city of Detroit.

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No matter where you are or where you look, you will see something new.

And that’s apparently good news for single men because believe it or not, Detroit is a top five city for single men, according to a new study.

That’s right — All those times you went out to the bar looking for love or looking for a night of fun you were in the right place.

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So when your friends were hating on you for “wasting your time” you can throw these facts in their face.

According to here is the formula they used to decide that Detroit is a great place for single men.

  • Yelp results for nightlife/square mile: the more bars and clubs in a city, the more places you’ll have to meet single ladies
  • % of population age 20-30: the more people around who are close to you in age, the more friends you’ll make and fun you’ll have
  • Median age: ditto
  • Unemployment rate: jobs are a great place to meet people, plus you’ll need money to go out
  • Male/Female ratio: the lower this is, the more women there are for each man
  • % of population unmarried: we’re not casting for Indecent Proposal or Unfaithful sequels here fellas
  • 1 bedroom average rent: you’ll need a fun crash pad with plenty of space for activities

Detroit might get a bad rap, but it’s a fantastic place if you’re a single guy. A full two-thirds of the population is unmarried, and there are more than 100 women for every 90 dudes. In simple terms, there are lots of single women.

You read that right, there are 100 women for 90 men so the numbers are in your favor.

I always thought Detroit was a great city — but now we know it’s true.

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The other cities in the top five are Pittsburgh (5), Boston (3), Richmond, VA (2) and Cincinnati is your number one spot for a single man. So if you have struck out multiple times in Detroit, you can just take a short four-hour car ride to Cincy.