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(WWJ) They walk among us, those people who sit and ponder variations of vanity plates.

They want to brand their rides. After all, why should boat captains with vessels like “DadsJoy” “PierPressure,” “WinterIsComing” and “ShipFaced” have all the fun?

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But there is such a thing as too much fun, and that’s where the Secretary of State comes in. The Michigan Secretary of State has a list of 27,401 license plate configurations that were either deemed unacceptable in advance or were requested by motorists but denied, according to the Lansing State Journal.

“The state’s personalized plate policy broadly prohibits any configurations with a “connotation offensive to good taste and decency,” and specifically prohibits references to drugs or alcohol, certain body parts, violence or disparaging phrases,” per the report.

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Think you’re clever? That’s why “awschit” is banned, as are many variations of the same sentiment including “awwchit” and “awshite.” You may feel like you’re a “badazz” but it’s not going on your license plate.

And don’t try to get away with H8 in front of anything. Read it out loud to understand. You may H8 your EX but that plate has been banned, as have all references to alcohol, specific brands of drinks and terms related to racism.

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As of May 31, there were more than 300,000 personalized license plates in circulation in Michigan; CLICK HERE for the full list of plates that have been banned.