DETROIT (WWJ) — A challenging path and some bad choices in life are often the backdrop for the stories of men in this group. Uniting them all is the common goal to overcome those circumstances and work to change their outcome in life.

Don Moore, founder of Better Men Outreach, spoke with WWJ’s Stephanie Davis at St. Cecilia’s where a group of about 40 men gathered for mentoring and job training.

“A lot of employers state that they don’t want to hire them — they’ve been unemployed so long — six – seven months so they had to go to the streets – they had to sell drugs. So what we’ve been doing is giving them opportunities, finding them jobs and also getting them in our better men outreach program –with the skilled training program,” says Moore.

Robert Day, 24, has been a part of the program for a while .. “When I first got involved with Better Men Outreach I was pretty much just smokin’ bud, hanging around the hood, and playing basketball — I really wasn’t caring too much if I had a daughter or not, I really didn’t seek the DNA test like I was supposed to — and now I have my associates degree — I’ve graduated from Henry Ford and I played a year of community college basketball — walking on to the basketball team and I’ll be going to a university in the fall.”

Lemarr Munson, who spent 21 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit — has had his sentence vacated and being a part of the program is the start of a new chapter in his life.

He says the most unique thing about the program is the support the group gives. “I’m just participating like anyone else but the unique thing about the program is about each one helping another — so it’s that camaraderie — brotherly love — that you want to see the best for your neighbor … everybody has input, everybody has something to offer. It’s a good program,” says Munson.

Munson is fast-tracked for employment once he finishes training in the program. His plan is to attend college in the fall and one day become a real estate broker.




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