OVIEDO, Fla. (AP) – A Florida man spent 90 days in jail after police officers who stopped him for driving without headlights said white powder found in his car was cocaine.

But Karlos Cashe walked out of jail last week after lab results determined the powder in the handyman’s car was actually drywall.

Cashe tells WFTV he repeatedly told officers in Oviedo the substance was drywall. But after running a check they found he was on probation for marijuana and cocaine charges in 2015. Cashe says a K-9 alerted on his vehicle and an officer’s field test was positive for cocaine.

Court records show he was denied bond because he was accused of violating probation.

It took nearly three months for lab test results, which were negative for cocaine.

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  1. Mike Hines says:

    I’d like to hear more about how a field test came up positive for cocaine on drywall dust.

    1. If I was that man I’d sue the field test manufacturer. It has been done successfully recently.

  2. Investigate everything about this. It should not take 90 days for a lab test! This guy deserves compensation for the terrible 3 months the police put him through.

  3. Mike Kruczaj says:

    It makes no sense for this man to be in jail at all! I was a police officer and there are kits that are on the market for police officers to test suspected drugs in the field. If it is Cocaine the liquid in the packet would turn blue! The Police Department should be sued for lack of training and not supplying the field test packets to it’s officers knowing that those officers engage in drug interdiction.

  4. Jeremy Davis says:

    Should cost them a million dollars a day for false imprisonment.

    1. Ben Chappell says:

      The problem is “we” are “them”. Where do you think that million dollars a day comes from? It isn’t the police department. Start fining sloppy police work where the individual officer pays out of his own pocket, that’s the only effective punishment. I’d be happier with $1000 a day, coming directly out of each responsible officer’s bank account and going directly to the innocent.

  5. Mike Tor says:

    The cops were determined to fake a case – dog alerts are easy to fabricate, and jacking a test is not problematic. Now, sue them individually and collectively.

  6. Police departments are hopelessly evil. Every one of their “mistakes” destroys life, liberty, and property. When danger is seconds away, the police are minutes away, yet they don’t let you arm yourself. They’re useless like the CIA. No, they’re worse than Hitler.

  7. Any cop who works with these so called traffic stop drug dogs is a fraud and a criminal. These dogs are not taught to “alert” for drugs. They are taught to scratch anywhere their handler rubs a stuffed-sock-like utensil. Typically, cops ask for permission to search a car. If the driver asserts his or her Fourth Amendment right to refuse, they call in a dog handler who walks around the car and rubs a stuffed sock on various points around the car. The handler then walks around the car with the dog and the dog scratches everywhere the handler rubbed his stuffed sock.

    It’s a scam. It’s a fraud and it’s a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment – which is to say it is illegal. And everyone who works with or around these dogs knows all about it.

    If you really support law enforcement, if you really support the rule of law, then you will support the immediate arrest and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law of each and every one of these criminals, the handlers who directly commit these crimes and the silent cops who misprision these crimes.

  8. Carl Ball says:

    they have tried to move cocaine in drywall back in the 80’s but they stopped when they had dogs inspect it!

  9. Norm Gove says:

    They need to go back and look into all of the other cases these cops were apart of. There are probably many more victims in jail because of these idiots!

  10. Jim Mann says:

    THEY mustn’t train intelligent people to be be police anymore..any body who has had a smart moment would know the difference..but not Florida Cops I guess..why didn’t they wet their finger ..and if it was drywall there had to be more than a little spilled..dumb dumb

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