Fireworks, fire, shelby township, fire department

SHELBY TOWNSHIP (WWJ) – A Monday night fireworks show is reportedly the cause for multiple fires in a vacant field.

Shelby Township police say the township’s annual fireworks show appears to be the cause of multiple little fires last night near the Packard Proving Grounds.

The fire broke out in the grass shortly after 10 p.m. Police officials say the township was prepared for the possibility of a fire in the tall grass near Van Dyke and 23 Mile.

“It wasn’t one big fire, we had a bunch of little small ones so overall I would say it was spread out across an acre of the area that we expected,” Fire Chief Jim Swinkowski told WWJ.

It took about 30 minutes to douse the blaze.

Swinkowski also mentioned that it was planned to have the fireworks show by the vacant lot because it would be easier to put out if a fire began.

“That’s why they choose a vacant flat lot like this because it’s easy access for us, it’s vacant, there’s nothing else there besides grass,” Swinkowski said. “Obviously they have pine trees here and there around the area but none of that was effected. It was actually a very containable area for us.”

There were no injuries.


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