Here’s a transcript of U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) delivering the Weekly Democratic Address for Friday, July 21, 2017:

Hello, everyone. I’m here to talk with you today about one of the toughest fights we’re in right now—the fight to stop Trump Care.

I’ve been so inspired by the stories we’ve heard from people across the country, from all walks of life. Parents and seniors. Republicans and Democrats. People of all ages—even toddlers!

Your voices matter. You are having an incredible impact. And we need you to keep up to it, because we haven’t stopped Trump Care yet.

Nobody knows what this week will bring just yet. But we do know that President Trump and Republican Leader McConnell are doing everything they can to jam their mean bill through Congress. They don’t care about the fact that families’ premiums would skyrocket. They don’t care about the tens of millions of people who would be kicked off of coverage. They are simply desperate for a hollow, political win—no matter what price patients and families would have to pay.

It’s wrong, and it really does not have to be this way. For years Democrats have urged Republicans to drop the partisan political attacks related to health care and instead, join us to work on policies that actually help the people we serve, by making health care more affordable, getting more people covered, and continuing to improve quality of care.

Guess what? We’re still at the table. We are ready to get to work right away, and there are only a few simple steps Republicans need to take to show they are serious about moving our health care system in the right direction for families.

First, drop Trump Care and the partisan, political effort to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act. Because families have roundly rejected Trump Care—that couldn’t be clearer.

Second, stop sabotaging the health care system in ways that raise families’ costs and create uncertainty. Since day one of the Trump Administration, the President of the United States himself has not only rooted for the failure of the health care system, he’s actively pursued it. That’s simply wrong. It is raising families’ costs and limiting their choices. So Republicans have got to start cleaning up the mess they made.

And third, it’s time for Republicans to tell us their ideas. Look, let’s be honest, Trump Care isn’t a health care bill, because what health care bill leaves families paying more and kicks tens of millions of people off of coverage? This bill was always about giving President Trump a hollow political win and handing massive tax breaks to special interests.

Democrats have put forward our ideas to stabilize markets and lower premiums next year for families, give people more choices, expand coverage, and more.

We believe health care is a right—not a privilege—and we are ready to keep working to make that goal a reality. And now, it’s time for Republicans to step up and join us, so that we can get to work on policies that help make people healthier and more financially secure. That’s what patients and families expect and that’s what I hope Republicans will finally work with us to deliver.

Thank you again for speaking out against Trump Care and all the harm it would do to patients and families nationwide. You are the reason President Trump hasn’t signed his awful bill into law yet, and we’re only days away from making sure he doesn’t ever get the chance.

Democrats will be fighting right alongside you. Let’s keep it up.


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