DETROIT (WWJ) – The outdoor advertisement showing a predominately white crowd as representational of the makeup of the city of Detroit has come under public ire.

Now the Detroit-based Quicken Loans Founder and Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert is saying the ad wasn’t fully thought out.

The ad’s slogan reads “See Detroit Like We Do.”

What’s drawing fire is the photo accompanying the text that shows mostly white people — in a city that’s predominantly black.

Gilbert is now offering an apology in what he’s calling a case of bad optics after his property management company Bedrock unveiled a new ad campaign on the windows of the Vinton Building residential high-rise.

“We screwed up badly,” said Gilbert, with the disclaimer that only a portion of the ad was in place, but distorted the final message.

In acknowledging the slogan was tone deaf and in poor taste, Gilbert says they’ve eighty-sixed the campaign and will go back the drawing board.

  1. Richard Fink says:

    Welcome to the snowflake generation. Where people get upset over something so trivial.

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