DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit rolled out the red carpet Tuesday for the premiere of “Detroit,” the movie!

The film, depicting the violence and unrest of 1967 Detroit, made its debut in the city. The entryway into the Fox Theatre converted into a red carpet runway for the night reports WWJ’s Jon Hewett.

Oscar-winning director Kathyrn Bigelow saying the story of Detroit needs to be told. “I feel honored to tell this story,” said Bigelow. “I think it’s an extraordinary story that needs to see the light of day.”

The story centers around the 1967 riots and the deaths of three young African Americans — killed in 1967 at the Alger’s Motel — about a mile from where the riots began.

“It’s a painful movie to watch, but I think it also gives us an appreciation for how much progress we have made,” said Mayor Mike Duggan.

Duggan saying that “Detroit” is a powerful depiction of the city’s history.

“I hope everybody goes to see it,” he said.

“Detroit” will debut at theaters around the country beginning next Friday, Aug. 4.


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