MACOMB (WWJ) – It’s the latest political in-fighting in Macomb County.

County Clerk Karen Spranger is being challenged over her claims of residency at an address along Hudson Street in the city of Warren.

The question at hand is whether Spranger lived at the address she claimed while applying to run for office in April 2016.

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel says he’s not sure that’s accurate.

“There’s a lot of compelling evidence people are putting forth,” says Hackel, “saying ‘you need to ask this question – there’s no question she didn’t live there.’ So how do I walk away from that?”

Macomb County Corporate Council John Schapka Tuesday filed suit in Circuit Court looking to compel Spranger to prove she did not lie on her residency form a year ago when running for office.

“A year’s worth of water use records show zero water use at that address,” said Schapka. “Two court of appeals opinions both which determined she did not live at that address – that’s very compeling evidence.”

Spranger’s attorney Frank Cusmano questioned the motive behind the filing.

“And we believe that this is politically motivated, the timing of this is suspect,” said Cusmano. “It can’t be more than week or two weeks that go by where there’s some kind of an attack or allegation of improprioty or something to raise issue about her whole being in office.”

Spranger herself, declined comment on today’s legal action.


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