DETROIT (WWJ) – Can’t wait for the next Facebook feed? If so, you’re not alone. A new study from Michigan State University reveals that social media sites like Facebook, make us feel good.

Dr. Allison Eden, Assistant Professor of Communications at Michigan State University says, the goal of there study was to see if people who reported more Facebook use, had a different reaction than those who did not.

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“And what we find out is that indeed there is a correlation between people who use Facebook more often or more frequently — or report more frequent usage — and their initial spontaneous hedonic reactions to just seeing a Facebook logo or timeline feed.”

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It’s a type of learned association says Eden.

“People tend to pair their good feelings with seeing Facebook logo or being on the site and over time those learned associations can become stronger — so much so that even thinking about Facebook or seeing very, very brief flashes of the logo are enough to get people to have that positive feeling again.

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Dr. Eden cautions that this study is preliminary and they are doing more research — along with several universities in the Netherlands.