DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s any parent’s worst nightmare: discovering that their child has been kidnapped, and then finding a way to deal with the aftermath. That’s the premise behind “Kidnap,” starring Academy Award-winner Halle Berry.

Berry stars as Karla Dyson, a single mom who takes her six-year-old son to a neighborhood park, and after losing sight of him for a few minutes, sees him being dragged into a car and driven off. Dyson gives chase after jumping into her vehicle, which is parked nearby. Dyson’s pursuit of the kidnappers has her chasing them through neighborhoods, on crowded freeways, across bridges, and through some of New Orleans’ more rural areas.

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What I did like about this movie is that it shows how strong the maternal instinct is, and to what lengths a mother will go to save her child.

But what I didn’t like as much was how the story unfolded because it seemed very farfetched. For example, Dyson never loses sight of the kidnappers. There’s one scene in particular where one of the kidnappers switches cars. In this scene, the driver of the one car that pulls out of its parking space just happens to be the kidnapper. I think this scene could have been expanded and it would have been more believable if, perhaps, the first car that pulled out happened to be another mom with her kids in the car. But Dyson wouldn’t know that because the windows are tinted and she isn’t able to see into the vehicle. Still, she decides to take a chance and while pursuing that car, she glances over at a passing vehicle and just happens to see the kidnapper speeding by. That would have been an excellent opportunity for her to pick up the chase from there.

While, all in all, it’s a pretty good premise, the story feels very formulaic; something that’s been seen several times before.

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Unfortunately, I just can’t recommend a trip to the theater to see this film. Wait for the download, which shouldn’t be long.

See you at the movies!

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