Meteorologist, Long Range Meteorologist, Predicting Weather, Weather, September, October, November, Fall Meteorologist Predicts Warm September, ‘Crazy’ October This Fall – CBS Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) — Right now we’re enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures around Michigan as August has just begun. But what can we expect as we look ahead to the fall?

Accuweather Long-Range Meteorologist Dave Samuel joined WWJ earlier today and said September will remain hot but we’ll see some big changes coming in October.

“It looks like October is going to be a pretty crazy month,” Samuel said. “I know it usually is a wild month across the state. We can get very powerful storms, even get some lake-effect going on so we’ll have to watch for October.

“It looks like September’s weather will be pretty benign with a lot of warm and dry weather expected but then we’ll have a lot more moisture and more frequent cold fronts in October.”

Samuel added that we usually see our first snowflakes in October, but it’s tough to predict when we’ll have our first real snowfall.

He thinks we’ll see some wintry weather move into Michigan sometime in November.

“We’ll see things get progressively stormy throughout the fall, likely trending to near — if not below — average (temperatures) by November,” Samuel said. “So obviously we usually see a big temperature drop throughout the fall (and) this year it will probably be enhanced a bit by a warm September and a cool end of the fall.”


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