DETROIT (WWJ) – A hearing continues Monday at Frank Murphy Hall of Justice for a Detroit man accused of accidentally shooting a couple of Detroit police officers he says he thought were burglars.

Last week, 20-year-old Juwan Plummer was offered a plea deal after the judge ruled that he cannot use self-defense as an argument. It’s a deal that’s not sitting well with supporters of Plummer, such as Yolanda McNair, president of Protect Our Stolen Treasures.

“The plea deal of two years in prison, or take your chance and get 10 … that’s unconscionable for a young man who has no crime, has no criminal record, never been in trouble, and there are other options they could have offered him — they could have gave him boot camp, they could have him probation,” said McNair.

Supporters are expected to rally outside the courthouse today. McNair says prosecutors are eager to make certain that Plummer serves some time. She adds that everyday there are police officers around the country who shoot others and don’t serve any jail time.