PLYMOUTH (WWJ) – It’s a chance to check this off your bucket list — learning to drive a Zamboni! And this bucket list item pays 13 bucks an hour.

“We’re looking for part-time Zamboni drivers to work nights and evenings,” says Ron Bass operations manager at Plymouth Ice Arena.

Driving a Zamboni is pretty easy he says, and while it may take a couple of weeks to learn, the key to driving is “taking time and patience.”

“It’s not a stick shift, it’s an automatic machine hydro-static gas machine, really just learning how it turns – how it drives on the ice and when to turn water on,” says Bass.

And when to turn the water off – so the ice doesn’t turn into a pond, says WWJ’s Sandra McNeill. “There are no brakes, you take your foot off the pedal to stop. It’s really about learning to make the turns,” she says.

Any incidents on the ice that Bass can recall?

“We’ve had people hit the boards, we’ve had people suck up pucks and little things into the machines – doing lots of damage,” says Bass.

He says it’s a fun job and kids love to watch the Zamboni riding around the ice.

You don’t have to be a fan of hockey to apply — they’re hiring seniors, college students, women — all invited to apply. In addition to driving the Zamboni — there’s a some light cleaning duties as well.


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