MACOMB COUNTY – A Michigan man is facing death threats after being wrongly identified on several alt-right websites as the owner and driver of a car that drove into a crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday. Jerome Vangheluwo, of Macomb County, was once the owner of the Dodge involved in the deadly crash at yesterday’s rally – but sold the car in 2012 to a dealership.

Now he and his son are facing threats after their names, home address and pictures have been circulated online.

Michigan State Police issued a statement on Twitter regarding this misinformation:

The silver Dodge Charger allegedly driven by James Alex Fields Jr. passes near the Market Street Parking Garage moments after driving into a crowd of counter-protesters on Water Street on August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. (Photo by Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images)

Vangheluwo says that he does not feel safe in his home and that the state police has told him that if there is any vandalism to his home – he should sell it, change his phone numbers and his social media IDs.

The suspected driver behind the wheel of the Dodge involved in yesterday’s attack has now been identified by authorities as 20-year-old James Alex Fields Junior of Maumee, Ohio.

A total of three people died in the clashes which escalated with the car driving into the crowd of counter-protesters.

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  1. Al Cackowski says:

    I doubt the “white nationalists” were doing the harassing.

    and all the you tube videos make it look like antifa started the melee. Why is the mainstream media’s story so different than what actually happened?

    1. Steve Zee says:

      Good question Al – we all know the answer. The liberal left want blood. And they are getting it – just hadn’t anticipated it would be their own.

  2. One person died… the two troopers that died was not because of the clash. Nice try media!!

  3. Figures it’s. J.e.w who is exposing people. Hitler was right.

  4. David Grimes says:

    These alt-left people really must be brought under control.

    One crazy nazi does not excuse six months of rioting and violence.

    1. John Smith says:

      Just as there is no such thing as a “moderate muslim”, there is no such thing as “alt-left”. They are all bat-sh-t crazy. When the Berniebro shot up the Republican practice game, the Dems came out blaming both sides, just as Trump did this time, except in this instance, blaming both sides is not what the left wants, and no matter what Trump says, or does, it will not appease them. They want to put all the blame on “White supremacists” and “Nazis” and Trump. The left has been instigating violence even prior to the election, and when the right defends themselves, they put 100% of the blame on the right. They are taking a page right out of the real Nazi handbook. Tell a lie often enough and big enough, and eventually it becomes the truth.

  5. Who didn’t see this coming? Idiot Twitter warriors only make things worse.

  6. Charlottesville doesn’t deserve this. It’s a beautiful city. And neither does the guy with the same name. WRONG. But, Spike Lee, the movie producer, started the craze of death threats against innocent people with the same names as “racists”-in-the-News.

    An innocent guy and his family is now condemned to revenge death by idiots who circulate his name and address.

    Is Spike Lee involved again, or did he learn his lesson about doing that when he was sued during the George Zimmerman crisis in Florida. Spike wanted revenge on Zimmerman and his family and friends, so Spike found an address which allegedly belonged to Zimmerman and spread it on his Twitter feed.

    Nice, Spike. It was also an innocent man and his family, who had to sell their home and move somewhere else.

  7. Bolshevik terrorists are out in the open now terrorizing innocent people – the ever heroic police can be counted on – to tell you to hide, move and cower. You are on your own – act accordingly. Our Lives MATTER despite what our Bolshevik Propaganda Channels say.

  8. I dont understand how the police crashing a helicopter in the woods has anything to do with the vehicle incident. There was one death from the car, not three. This is awful journalism.

    1. Awful journalism?!? Well, out of ALL the “journalism” to choose from, this may not be the WORST of the WORST !

  9. Time to buy a gun. The alt-left crowd are very dangerous and deranged.

  10. John Dillon says:

    More evidence people have lost their minds. Prosecute all of them. Punish them to the full extent of the law. Make examples of them. However, the lawyers will get involved and say “they were just kidding…” Rough times coming. The more our current president succeeds, the more stories like this that will happen. I guarantee it.

  11. This further proves that the antifa is just as violent and threatening as their neo-nazi counterparts. Flip sides of the same coin.

  12. Paul Roberts says:

    I smell a law suit coming to the news agencies that created fake news by “Mis-identifying the innocent person with the same name.

  13. Joe Jacobs says:

    if the left Let the race rally participants alone it would have been over in a couple hours but no the intolerant left just has to STOP FREE SPEECH

  14. Brian Dillon says:

    The violent left is somehow more virtuous than the violent right. Not.

  15. The left feign outrage, but they are celebrating the political capital this event has generated
    against Trump(who has nothing to do with it) and shutting down speech of those that disagree
    with left/lib/dems

  16. Removing the confederate statues is just a micro-aggression by leftist progressives to antagonize moderates on the right and left and to provoke the stupid neo-nazis, racists into acting out violently like they did in Charlottesville. Well played Terry McAuliffe. Well played.
    “Chaos is a ladder.” – Littlefinger.

  17. Jack Gil says:

    FYI…its a Dodge Challenger not a Dodge Charger.

  18. Jack Gil says:

    Why do liberals hate the USA so much?

  19. Greg Hawkins says:

    There can be no appeasing these Leftist hate mongers. They want our blood on the streets

  20. Ike Smith says:

    Use a gun. Use a gun. Use a gun.

  21. What the hell is an “alt-right website?” What evidence does this article provide as to what type of website had this wrong information posted? Because of the nature of the crime, it would make much more sense that it was a leftist website since they are the ones promotive violence all over the country.

  22. Yea I live 20 minutes outside of Charlottesville but so far I’ve had few issues having the same name as the guy who started it all.

  23. Pete Bauman says:

    Praise Kek – Chaos is the fire of our rebirth. Let it burn.

  24. Paull Cudak says:

    So who is now going after people? Hunting people down? Shows you the moral ideas and ideals of the left

  25. Jose Rios says:

    Why are they holding a racist “Black Lies Matter” sign to denounce white supremacy? Such a racist hypocritical response! It’s like holding a black supremacy sign! And where’s the backlash against ANTIFA?

  26. Carter Gwynn says:

    More hate and violence from the progressives.

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