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Running a small business is all about the bottom line. One of the biggest expenditures for any company is energy costs, and there are some great and simple ways to cut those costs while also becoming a more environmentally-friendly business.


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Evaluate Your Energy Consumption

Many electric and gas suppliers offer programs where energy experts can come to your business to give you a concise energy evaluation, showing what areas are causing the most drain in your energy usage. In Detroit, DTE offers a business energy evaluation in which energy experts will make energy efficiency recommendations specific to your small business.


Identify Problem Areas

Once you have a thorough evaluation of your business, you can single out where the biggest energy drains are occurring and take steps to lessen their impact. Do you have appliances in the lunch room that are 10 years or older? How efficient is the heating and cooling system? Do your employees have personal space heaters or fans in their work areas? Is your lighting system up to date? Is it time to change that ancient copier? How energy efficient are your computers? Think in terms of pennies saved and the dollars will return back to the profit side. While you’re at it, get some feedback from your employees. They may have some valid suggestions that can help in the decision making process.


Power Down

Most modern electrical devices still draw energy, even when turned off. This includes televisions and screens, computers, copiers and microwave ovens. Installing on-off switches, power strips or simply unplugging at the end of the day can save a significant amount of money.

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Consider Your Work Environment

Heating and cooling the office to maintain a comfortable work environment is one of the biggest energy drains. Employees will not be as productive when working in an uncomfortable office where the air is too hot, too cold or drafty. Since your temperature control system will often be used, it is wise to ascertain it is running efficiently. Are all the vents unobstructed? It can be time to consider replacing the unit with a more energy efficient one.


Replace Light Bulbs

Replacing light bulbs is an easy fix to lower your electric bill. Technology has come a long way when it comes to lighting. Now there are bright, energy efficient and affordable light bulbs that can save a significant amount of money over the long run. The same can be said of overhead florescent lighting tubes. Be knowledgeable of what new technology is available, and take advantage of it.


For more information on how to save on your small business energy costs, visit dteenergy.com/savenow.

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