By: Evan Jankens

When Matthew Stafford signed his NFL record deal Monday night, the majority of responses were positive from the national media.

One person doesn’t think the Lions should have signed Stafford, saying instead he would have gone with Colin Kaepernick. That person is Rob Parker of Fox Sports 1.

During his appearance on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” here is what Parker had to say:

“Against teams that finished over .500 in a season, he’s 5-46. He’s 1-26 on the road including a playoff game. He doesn’t beat anybody, go back to last year, remember they got off to a good start, they had a good record and then the last three games they had to play the Giants, Cowboys and Packers.” The host Colin Cowherd interjected saying, “he had a hurt finger.” Parker kept going, “he never beats anybody, give me a signature win, I’ll wait.” Cowherd responded with a win over Green Bay. Parker responded saying “was that with Matt Flynn?”

That’s where Parker was wrong, Matt Flynn wasn’t the QB, it was actually against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in November of 2015.

Parker then continued by saying, “Last year, last game of the year, at Ford Field against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. You know what’s on the line? Win the division and have a home playoff game.” Parker went on to say Stafford’s stats over the last three games with an injured finger.

Now this is where Parker decided to go off the deep end. “Colin Kaepernick’s been to the Super Bowl, he’s been to the NFC Championship game. What has Stat Padford¬†(poking fun at his name) done? When Parker was asked if Kaepernick is a better QB than Stafford, Parker said, “absolutely I would take him any day.”

I don’t believe that Rob Parker actually believes what he is saying but is more or less just looking for attention. I don’t think there is a person within the NFL that would actually take Colin Kaepernick over Matthew Stafford.

Comments (6)
  1. Rick Beaudin says:

    at least Matthew Stafford stands for the National Anthem—A role model who shows respect

  2. An opinion that ignorant, does not even deserve a response…

  3. Parker is the only one who rivals Finebaum for crazy click-bait statements

  4. people hate hearing the truth, those are true stats …you can’t make that up..lions are 3-7 vs Greenbay in last 10 games…Lions can’t get a running back, Stafford has to throw, defensive teams come in thinking…just stop the QB we win.It’s a no brainer, he can’t run you win.

  5. Parker is correct that Stafford tends to get brain freeze in highly competitive games. Great arm; slow reactions.

  6. Kaepernick is only good with the help of Harbaugh

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