(CBS Detroit)  Now that he’s President of the United States, it seems that every tweet once tweeted by Donald Trump is at some point brought back to light; and there’s an old tweet for almost every topic.

A tweet that Trump put out way back in 2012 about Justin Verlander is no exception, with retweets and reactions appearing following news that the then-Detroit Tigers starting pitcher has been traded to the Houston Astros.

[Tigers Acquire Franklin Perez, Daz Cameron And Jake Rogers From The Houston Astros In Exchange For Justin Verlander]

According to Trump (when he was an opinionated billionaire businessman, reality TV star and notable New Yorker, not POTUS) Verlander was “great but very beatable,” lacking in performance in playoff games.

While that assertion is certainly debatable (as he dominated in the ALCS that year), and was rejected by most who replied at the time — many of those who dug up old tweet simply found it amusing that Trump had something to say about it at all.

Although he doesn’t talk much about baseball these days, or sports in general, it’s often been reported that Trump’s a die hard Yankees fan. That noted, what’s your take on his opinion of the former Tigers ace? Comment below.

[Tigers Fans Have Mixed Emotions Over Verlander Trade]


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