FBI, Corktown, Detroit, Nancy Whiskey Pub

DETROIT (WWJ) — The FBI is investigating a federal government employee who owns an Irish pub in Detroit.

According to court documents, Eva Reyes, who works as a legal assistant on a drug task force unit for the U.S. Attorneys office, is under investigation for alleged misconduct involving money laundering and making false statements in connection to her ownership of Nancy Whiskey Pub in Corktown.

Reyes and her husband, Gerald Stevens, are reportedly fighting a subpoena of her bank records by the Department of Justice. She has been ordered to appear at a meeting with the FBI later this month.

The 91-page court document also indicated that a raid of the pub was conducted at some point with $900 and a gun confiscated. The money was returned to the owners, and the gun belonged to a Stevens’ deceased father and was locked in a cabinet. It reportedly had never been used.

A U.S. Attorneys Office spokeswoman says they are recused from the investigation.


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