DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – On a page dedicated to his run for office, current mayoral candidate and son of a former Detroit mayor posts a rap video for run, called “We Be Winnin.”

Set against a backdrop which includes the monument to Joe Louis, known as The Fist, the Spirit of Detroit sculpture and the Detroit Riverfront — the video opens with an acknowledgement “In Honor of the Late Great Coleman Young Sir. The Father,” and cuts to scenes which include the performers and the candidate Coleman Young, II.

“I just want to make it to the top, so that I can feed my family and show the world what I got … with Coleman in the office, yeah, we can make a change … I told you we be winnin, we gonna get it, Detroit city we be winnin,” goes the rap.

Young’s late father, Coleman A. Young, was the first African American mayor of Detroit, he served from 1974-1994.

Young’s campaign manager Adolph Mongo telling the Detroit Free Press that it’s not an official video produced by the campaign but Young’s camp plans to use it.

The video, created by Detroit artists Ciara Sharda and Beezy, opens and closes with candidate Young appearing in scenes with the artists. Young speaks directly into the camera about two minutes into the three and a half-minute video:

“I just wanted to say that, you know, it’s very important that we be winning, but the reason why we’re winning is not just because the election but because of the movement and the people who are unemployed, for the people with no water … for the people riding around in their cars — auto insurance is too expensive – and they can’t afford it. That’s why we winning. We winning for ya’ll.”

The video ends with a collective chant of “we be winnin.”

In a separate post on his Facebook page wearing a ‘Detroit Hustles Harder’ shirt– “You mean to tell me … you can’t find Detroiters who are willing to go to work …” at the new Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. Saying that only 32 percent of Detroiters got jobs at the new arena rather that the initial promise of 51 percent,” Young said, “There is no reason in the world – why you got all these jobs in Detroit and black folks are not at the helm of all of them, it’s wrong and it’s shameful.”

Young currently trails incumbent Mayor Mike Duggan in the polls — the race will be decided in the November.

Young is trailing in polls behind incumbent Mayor Mike Duggan, according to a survey sent to The Detroit News conducted by the Lansing-based Target Insyght.


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