Drunk Fan Makes Out With Tree At Michigan Game [VIDEO]

(97.1 The Ticket) Drunkenness and college football games go hand in hand, or sometimes face to sidewalk.

Case in point:

He’s in Ann Arbor, but this guy is wearing green which has some fans crying foul. Could this frisky tree hugger be a State fan?

While he looked like he needed a friend, he wasn’t alone. According to Mlive, two people were arrested and 15 people were ejected from Michigan Stadium Saturday, Sept. 9 during the first home game of 2017.

“Of the 15 ejections, six were for ID violations, seven were for disorderly conduct, one for retail fraud and one for alcohol in the stadium,” Mlive wrote, adding, “Emergency medical personnel treated 85 people and took 13 to the hospital.”

  1. Bob Schaar says:

    Way to try to deflect his allegiance. No way in h*ll is an MSU fan going to be in AA when MSU have a home game up the road in E. Lansing. He may be wearing green shorts (not MSU green by the way) but he is wearing a blue jacket.

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