DETROIT (WWJ) – Well over a hundred people turning out Tuesday evening in opposition of Olympia Entertainment’s decision to open Little Caesars Arena with a string of Kid Rock concerts this week.

Among the protesters was Reverend Charles Williams II of the National Action Network.

“We have come today to send a message to Mike and Chris Ilitch … to Little Caesars … to Kid Rock — we will not be disrespected.

Kid Rock opening the venue is a “slap in the face” to Detroiters,” he said.

Detroit Police Deputy Chief Elvin Barren spoke about the demonstration — which he said has been peaceful, despite some agitation.

“The masses of people here, they ignored that … ignored that rhetoric and stuck to what the cause was out here – a peaceful event,” said Barren. “They got their message across, and it was heard, people could understand what they were here for – look at the numbers who came out. And again, no incidents, so we have to recognize that this city, this community understands the value in; One, getting your message heard and two, doing it in a respectful manner.”

The protesters marched a few blocks north on Woodward Avenue up to the arena without incident.

Tuesday was the first night of a six-night concert series by performer Kid Rock — opening the recently completed Little Caesars Arena.

  1. i see nothing wrong with him opening it up it keep people working and bring money to detriot
    them protested are doing notthing but hurting detriot

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