DETROIT (WWJ) – Can you imagine answering an email for an internship in the music business and the boss ends up being Kid Rock?

Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker and the Sweet Tea Trio joined WYCD’s Rob Stone and Holly Hutton during the grand opening of Music Town Detroit on Wednesday before the second of Rock’s six shows at the Little Caesars Arena.

“Totally honored, humbled, with a place that is going to have so much history with so many generations – to have the opportunity to go in there first — we really put a lot of effort into what we are doing in there … I would say, it’s probably 30 years of performing packed into two hours.

“It put a good 20 years on me to put this fiasco together — a lot of moving parts,” he said.

Kid Rock spoke about his early days — well before he was selling out stadiums to perform his blend of music. Those days included the assistance of interns spreading the music of Kid Rock via cassette tape — “I was selling independent records out of my basement basically I made it look like it was a record company and it was me stuffing boxes with a computer basically,” he said. “I put out for interns and I had a little deal with them that I would send them CDs and merchandise and if they sent the money back, I’d let them keep 10 percent.”

Could have been a profitable deal for interns and maybe an even better story for newbies in the music business!

Kid Rock has five more concerts scheduled at LCA on Sept. 13, 15, 16, 19 and 20.


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