DETROIT (WWJ) – “Wow! Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda stopped to pet some Detroit dogs,” said an amazed dog lover and rescuer of animals.

“Like how cool is that?” said Kristina Rinaldi executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue.

Very cool, in fact, the two well-known celebrities are in Michigan to promote higher minimum wages in the state and made the unexpected stop in Detroit.

Rinaldi was walking puppies in the city to promote the group’s upcoming Barktoberfest in Royal Oak when the chance encounter took place.

That’s when Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the stars of Grace and Frankie, walked up to her to pet the puppies and talk about the dog rescue.

Calling them two of the most personable people she’s ever met — Rinaldi was delighted to have such high-profile interest in her pups.

“To have people in the public eye really take the opportunity to meet these dogs and these were two pit bulls that we had, to meet these dogs and to love these dogs and to get involved with the dogs of Detroit. It’s amazing! And any time we can tweet that out or talk about it – it does so much because it makes people realize how great these dogs are,” said Rinaldi.

With accolades growing … Tomlin also received the Key to the City from Mayor Mike Duggan Wednesday night.


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